About Extreme Video Media

Extreme Video Media offers you fantastic HD promotional videos for your website, blog or digital presentations. We use premium cinema-quality state of the art equipment costing hundreds of thousands including three Panasonic HPX3000 cameras tethered to Canon HJ series zoom lenses and movie-style camera cranes for striking, dramatic shots. We film in our purpose-built studio which is second-to-none. We have produced videos for some of the largest TV networks and major blue chip companies in the world, and are now offering these services to you at a  massively discounted price.

We you offer a choice of many specially built million dollar sets, which we'll customize just for you, saving you THOUSANDS on studio and set costs. The final product looks as if it has been created on a £50,000/$90,000+ budget.

We also have a wide range of presenters, actors and actresses from both the UK and USA. We even have presenters that can speak different languages and they are all ready to make your website stand out above your competitors. Most of our clients see a massive 40% rise in sales just from adding one of our videos to their website.

If required we can fully customize your video and produce you a totally custom video  which can include creating brand new sets, having multiple presenters and using specific props. Just contact us and let us know your needs (you may be charged extra). There really isn’t much we can’t do.

So what are you waiting for? Order your unique extreme video today...