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Bob Heinmiller Air Conditioning

We take pride in providing the excellent customer service before and after the service that we provide.

We set up and install the air conditions and if any problems occur you may call us 24/7 and we will be more than happy to solve the problems.



TAIE will give you the qualifications needed to get jobs where you will be highly respected in what you do and highly paid. This is a place where academic preparation is a valuable as individual development.

We offer secondary school diploma university preparation English as a second language and certification courses.

You can enter a university or a college program at best institution.


Hale Groves

The most reliable source in the world for healthy sunshine soaked oranges and grapefruits.

It’s because of very special combination of rich soil, ample water supply, moderate climate, very rarely reaching freezing temperatures.

While visiting make sure to sample one of our secret recipe juice, its an experience you will not forget and will return to re live through that sweet experience.


Dale Jarrett

For racing fans all over the world there is no other experience that can compare driving with a real NASCAR, at a real NASCAR track with the Dale Jarret Racing Adventure Team.

Our trained staff will assist you al the way, keep you satisfied with any needs that you might want with the car. Drive with speeds well over 150 miles. We follow the same safety guidelines as NASCAR so you can sit comfortably in your sit and not worry of anything going wrong.


Real Estate Agent

We have been the leading real estate agency for over a decade now,  we are also known for using hi tech software and techniques to make people sell or buy easier and more efficiently.

Where ever you are looking to buy or sell Mia Wilson is the person to go to, she knows the places and properties on the market better than anyone in the business


4H Plumbing

4H Plumbing is the largest and fastest growing contractors, bringing more than 40 years of experience.

Our long term relationship with our customers is solidified by our reputation, that customers come back year after year. Same day service scheduling specialists and experienced supervisors is a guarantee why 4H Plumbing is what you need.