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Green Mark

Green Mark will provide the services you need in a timely and affordable manner. We build a solid reputation when it comes to high end landscaping and management at an affordable price.

We offer the best service on the market. We will give you detailed information on everything done during the month. We will also include a lay out to further enhance your property. We guarantee you will not find anyone else giving better quality than us.


First Florida Insurance

You have a choice to build your business alone or you can partner with us, where you will get the benefit of our expertise and name, where we already have a customer base.

We will give you the tools to help you succeed in this competitive insurance market. We maintain the highest leve l of morals, ethics entrepreneurial spirits and passion for business. ‘Quote Challenge’ is our exclusive trade mark slogan which you will access to use it anywhere in the US.



If you want to have silky shiny hair then this is the place to order from. Silk mist is trusted, used and sold by hundreds of licenced companies. Silk mist was created for black limited beauty, that wanted shiny beauty with out a heavy build up. Silk mist contains the essential vitamins that protect the hair as you style it.




I will help you decide which high speed internet you need.

Comcast has an extremely fast internet speed, starting from 8mb, if you are single or married, 8mb internet will be sufficient for your internet usage, if you are a family, downloading videos and music then you might want to consider having a 16mb. If you are gamer or you want to stream videos and music then 20 or 30mb connection will be your best option.


Law Offices of Ledger and Associates

Congratulations you have found one of California’s most respected personal injury lawyers. We are dedicated in offering our 100% to our clients to get everything that they deserve. There are no upfront fees or cost for you to pay. If your loved one has been in a car accident then please contact us.