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Jay’s Quality Auto

We go back to 12 years offering wonderful service, jays offer free pick up delivery towing service,  we offer great bonuses, such as if you have your car worked on a service you will receive a free car wash and vacuum.

We look after your car like no one has ever done, we offer you free 12 month or 12,000 miles warranty on parts using quality parts. That’s exactly what you get with, quality, with Jays Quality Auto.


Beach Front 301


Home Installation Professionals

We are one of leading professional home remodelers since 1975, we have been helping homes an businesses with out high quality employees, who are devoted to their jobs and thrive on giving the best customer service.

From free professional architectural plans to the highest quality materials a friendly skilled staff to staying under time and under budget. Whether you’re a home owner wanting to improve your home or want to build a new one then please contact us.


Beverly Hill Dentist Group

Beverly Hills paediatric dental group which is presented by Dr. David Nickharsham who is a board certified paediatric dentist. Our commitment to give your children the best oral treatment we can, where they will have white smile for which stay with them for lifetime.

Our services are the best in the dentistry and up to date high tech sterilisation, tooth coloured restoration, digital radiography and advanced sedation option. Our dentists explain each procedure thoroughly and we thrive on providing highest quality of dental care.



Lord Blanchart has been working in the moving industry since 1978.

He has worked side by side with the finest talent the industry had to offer. We can safely move your oldest antiques and valuables with no problem.


Lee James Floral Design

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